Podcast Round Up

One thing I’ve been loving lately is listening to podcasts! I can listen to them on walks, in the car, and at work sometimes. Some of them are educational, while others are just fun! I’ve found a few that I really love, and there are a few others I’ve just recently discovered and added to my list! There are so many great podcasts out there, and it can be a bit overwhelming to browse through them. The first two are my favorites that I’ll listen to as soon as a new one is released, but the others are just in alphabetical order.  Continue reading

21 While 21

I turned 21 two weeks ago! Many people are excited for that milestone for the obvious reason. However, I’m more excited that I can finally get into concerts the Turf Club in St. Paul (and into other places without getting big black Xs across my hands).

I’ve been thinking of some things that I would like to do/should do during this year. Some things fall into the “fun” category, while others are more of a “well, I’m an adult now so I should probably do ______.” Continue reading