Making the Most of the Moments

It’s finally the weekend! Each day of this week seemed to pass really slowly, but looking back, the week as a whole flew by. The end of yet another school year is rounding the corner. For some of you, it’s already done—congrats!

I’ve been MIA over here for the past few weeks, because all of the sudden the work that should have assigned long ago all piled up, leading to multiple papers, exams, presentations, and group projects all happening at the same time. Add several interviews to that (for an on-campus job, a study abroad trip, and a position on the executive board for one of the clubs I’m in), and ta-da: it’s the perfect recipe of stress and lack of sleep, leading to sickness—woohoo! Luckily, my family came down last weekend to camp and fish—that was a much-needed break from my hectic life on campus.

But the end is in sight! The home stretch of my sophomore/junior year is here: I have two weeks of class and then it’s finals week (more like finals day, since I have all of mine in one day). While all of the craziness of academia is going on, I’m still trying to make the most of these last few days. No, I’m not a senior (yet) and I’ll be back in the fall, but things will be different. A couple of my core friends are nursing majors, and they’re lucky enough to spend their junior year off campus for clinicals and other cool nufriend-dare-to-be-yourself-frank-crane-daily-quotes-sayings-picturesrse stuff. And I’m graduating next May. That means these last two weeks are the last time I’ll ever live down the hall or up the stairs from some of my best friends. It’s hard to know what next year will bring, but I’m hopeful.

I trust that our relationships are strong enough to last not only next year as we are 90 minutes away from each other, but for many years in the future. These friends are quality ladies who I am blessed by every day! In the midst of prepping for finals and moving out, I’m trying to make the most of the time we have left together, even if its just an extra meal together or an impromptu game night. I’ll miss their advice, smiles, and laughs next year, but I know that we’ll stay connected!

With that being said, I’m also looking forward to this summer and the new adventures it holds. I have an internship close to home, and I’ll also be able to do a lot more crafting and cooking, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some neat tutorials/ideas with you all soon!

If you’re finishing up a school year, good luck these next few weeks!


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