School’s Out for Summer!

I finally have a fully functioning computer after going without one for two weeks! My laptop started having problems the week before finals, and I couldn’t get to an Apple Store to get it looked at until after finals. I realized how much I rely on my computer and take it for granted. It’s all fixed now, and I’m relieved that I didn’t have to get a new computer.

I’ve been on summer vacation for almost a week now, and it feels so nice to be able to relax and spend my days doing whatever I want to do! I haven’t been home much, as I helped my grandma have a garage sale for a few days and hung out with cousins another day. I have one more week of relaxed, unscheduled days, and then I start my internship next Tuesday!

I’m excited to be living at home for the summer. I’ve already made a mess in the kitchen a few times, slept until noon for the first time in a long time, and I’m getting my shopping fix in. My closet is now organized based on clothes I can wear to work and clothes I can’t wear to work… I’m starting to feel more like an adult.

My list of things to do and places to go this summer is growing, and it’ll be interesting to see how much of it I get done, since I’m limited to evenings and weekends.10363940_1542917802602993_3546847911785359058_n

Here’s a peek at a few things on my list:

  • Twins game
  • Outdoor concert
  • Nelson’s Ice Cream
  • Make dinner at least once a week
  • Try new deserts from my Pinterest board
  • Read one “fun” book each monthIMG_4852
  • Read one personal development book each month
  • Saints game
  • River Rats ski show
  • Paint bedroom
  • Decorate initial letters for dorm room

What activities are on your summer bucket list?


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