Somehow it’s already the middle of August?!

This summer has been flying by! I was away from home every weekend in July except for the 4th, so that’s probably why it seems to have gone so fast. I just have two more weeks until I’m moving back to school for my final year–time is flying by, and I’ve heard it only starts to go by faster after college. While most of my days are spent at my internship (which has been awesome; post to come on that later), I’ve been crossing things off of my summer bucket list! Things below the line are activities I added since my last bucket list post.

  • Twins game
  • Outdoor concert
  • Nelson’s Ice Cream
  • Make dinner at least once a week
  • Try new deserts from my Pinterest board
  • Read one “fun” book each month
  • Read one personal development book each month
  • Saints game
  • River Rats ski show
  • Paint bedroom
  • Decorate initial letters for dorm room

  • Go paddle boarding
  • Work on Cuba scrapbook
  • Go trout fishing
  • Kayak Minnehaha Creek (22 miles!)
  • Tubing – behind a boat
  • Tubing – river float
  • Go strawberry picking
  • Explore a new bike trail
  • Take a trip to the North Shore
  • MN State Fair

What fun things have you done this summer? What do you still want to do?

Hammocking on Lake Superior with my sister!

Views from the River Rats Ski Show in Minneapolis

Pre-22 mile paddle of Minnehaha Creek!


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