Flower Canvas Tutorial

I’ve seen pictures of a canvas similar to this floating around on Pinterest, but I haven’t come across one that links to a tutorial. While I’d love to give someone credit for the idea, I couldn’t trace it to a particular person, so thanks, magical world of Pinterest!IMG_0743.PNG

You can use paper, paint chips, or fabric to make the petals. I used scraps of patterned paper for the first one I made, but for the one in the photos on this post, I used coordinating papers from a 6×6 paper pad. You can stick to a color scheme if you’d like, or you can go crazy with whatever you feel like! I chose a color scheme that goes with my bedroom. By having papers that coordinate, the mixed patterns don’t really clash with each other.


  • Scrapbook paper (or paint chips or fabric – take your pick)
  • Scissors (or a cutting machine, see instructions below for details)
  • Canvas – pick any size
  • Craft paint – any color
  • Glue or other adhesive of some kind – I use basic Elmer’s white glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush


  1. Paint the canvas – wash the foam brush when you are done so you can use it for Mod Podge later
    Step 1: Paint the canvas the color of your choice
  2. While the canvas is drying, cut one circle from your paper – this will be the center of your flower
  3. Cut petal shapes from the scrapbook paper to make one ring of the flower (I free-handed them all, but if you really wanted to you could make a template and trace it, or use a cutting machine like the Cricut or Silhouette)
    • The sizes of the petals don’t need to be uniform – mix it up and use whatever looks best to you!
    • The number of petals you need will vary based on the size canvas you choose, the size of the petals, and how densely you place them on the canvas
      Steps 2 & 3: Cut the circle and petals
  4. Start laying out the petals in the shape you’d like
    • I start by gluing the circle (using the Elmer’s glue – you could probably use the Mod Podge on the backside instead of glue, but I’ve never tried it), then cutting and placing one ring of petals at a time
    • You can follow a pattern with the paper designs or you can just place them randomly – I think random is so much easier!
    • Once I have the petals arranged as I want them, I glue them down before moving on to the next ring
      Step 4: Arrange the petals and glue them down one ring at a time
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you reach the desired flower size!
    • Mine wraps the entire canvas, but I’ve seen some where the flower is centered and stops before it reaches the edges and some that are off-centered and fills the canvas – there are lots of options and ways for you to add your own spin to it!
      Step 5: Add petals ring by ring, placing them wherever they “fit” the best
  6. Once you have all of your petals glued into place and they are dry, use the foam brush to “paint” it with Mod Podge to seal it. If some of the petals are lifting up, add more glue underneath!
Step 6: All done!


Happy crafting! If you make a canvas, share it on Instagram and tag me (@live.life.inspired) so I can see how it turned out!


P.S. If you found me on Pinterest, welcome! Thanks for checking out my blog; feel free to follow for the latest updates.

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