Bristol & Nottingham: J-Term 2017 Part 6

I can’t believe a month has already gone by since I was in Bristol & Nottingham! I don’t have as many tourist-y pictures from this part of the trip because we were so busy attending meetings, presentations and tours. We definitely had a busy schedule and learned a lot. 


Here’s a quick list of things we did in the two days we spent in and around Bristol:

  • Tour of Hinkley Point B (nuclear power station)
  • Presentation about Hinkley Point C (another nuclear power station in the beginning stages of construction)
  • Presentation from an anti-nuclear group
  • Tour of GENeco to learn how biomethane is produced (at Bristol Sewage Treatment Works)
  • Visit to Westmill Wind and Solar Co-Operative

The nuclear plant was interesting to see and learn about, but we had to go through a pretty strict security screening and couldn’t take any photos while we were there.

We stayed at a hostel that was located right on the harbor. While we didn’t have much free time in Bristol, we were able to walk around the harbor area in the evening to explore the various shops and restaurants.


We spent four days in Nottingham, where we had lots of presentations/meetings from city council employees. We also had a bit of free time to explore on our own.

  • Presentation about Nottingham’s “Sustainable Nottingham” program
  • Presentation about Go Ultra Low (program to encourage ultra-low emissions vehicles)
  • Tour of Queen’s Park Bus Depot (learned about electric buses)
  • Presentation by a former Member of Parliament about climate policy post-Brexit/Trump era
  • Presentation about the Nottingham Energy Partnership
  • Presentation about Remourban Project (retrofitting old buildings to be more energy-efficient)
  • Debate about fracking
  • Tour of a coal mine at the National Coal Mining Museum

On our first night in Nottingham, we met up with the group of Luther students in Nottingham for the year. They cooked us a great chili dinner – it was nice to have a home-cooked meal after eating out so much. On our free day, we were able to get cheap tickets to a Nottingham Forest FC vs. Bristol FC soccer football game.


Only one more J-Term post to go, unless I decide to do a recap of the entire trip 🙂 If you’re enjoying these travel posts, please let me know in the comments! Would you be interested in a post on travel tips?

Until next time,


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