York & Manchester: J-Term 2017 Part 7

The last two stops on our trip were York and Manchester. We were in each city for one full day (but two nights) and the time went by super fast.


  • Tour of York Minster
  • Tour of Drax Power Station (a biomass power station)
  • Tour of West Burton B Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant
  • Luncheon with EDF Energy employees about fracking and climate policy
  • Course meeting

York Minster was beautiful, and I’m glad we got to tour it! I’m also glad a few friends and I paid the extra £5 to climb the tower to the top. I wish we would’ve had more time to explore York during the day. We walked by lots of cute shops in the evening, but they were closed.


We were supposed to have a few meetings in Manchester, but they got cancelled. We ended up having a mostly free day, after spending a bit of time at the Museum of Science and Industry. Some of us wandered around the city to go shopping, though I didn’t buy anything. We went to a huge bookstore, where some people I was with bought lots of books. I wasn’t really in a spending mood, which was probably a good thing! Another group of Luther students stayed in the same hostel as we did one night, so I was able to catch up with a friend of mine who was in that group.

On our last night in Manchester, we had a course wrap-up discussion, and then went out to dinner as a group to an Indian restaurant. We woke up bright and early the next morning to go to the airport. We flew Manchester to London to Chicago, and then I flew back to Minneapolis, while others got picked up in Chicago or rode a bus back to Luther. Overall, it was a great trip with an awesome group of people.



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